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The truth about Shisha smoking
Experts tell us that shisha smoking is potentially more harmful than regular cigarette smoking. Here's the shocking truth about this popular social activity.

Why can't i seem to put my smartphone away during bedtime?
With Whatsapp and Facebook, it's no surprise you can't put down your mobile. But be warned: Your nocturnal social media habits may end up frying your brain.

What really causes stretch marks?

Erase stretch marks for good! Here's how.

How to deal with sunburn?
Staying too long under the sun has fried your skin. Heres how to soothe the red, angry problem.

Could the humble salt be a silent killer?
It's small, white and everywhere we see and probably in at least one of the foods we eat today.

When is the haze dangerous and other important haze facts
The haze poses serious health hazards, especially to those with a history of respiratory illness. Do you know which PSI level is considered too unhealthy to go outdoors and at which point do you need to wear a mask? We explain.

The office diet to keep you going
Power  through a long day at the office with the right diet. Think of these foods as energy and health boosters that will keep you focused on clearing your in-tray by 6 o'clock.

The Truth About Tau Huay
Tau huay, the popular Chinese soya bean dessert, might hit you with more sugar than a can of cola. 

Fried Bee Hoon: Is It That Bad?
The breakfast meal of fried bee hoon, luncheon meat and egg is laden with sodium, fat and calories. So go easy on it.

Sambal Belacan: The Calorie-Burning Dip
The fiery condiment for malay dishes, is high in protein and low in sodium and fat. It may even help to burn calories.

Bursting the Bubble-Tea 
A cup of bubble tea is chock-full sugar and loaded with fattening pearls. Do you still want your daily fix?


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