Thursday, October 8, 2015

How To Live Outside Better

1. Create a Room

To make an outdoor room out of an empty space, simply put up a freestanding canopy. The canopy provides shade and minimal structure for an outdoor room. An area rug helps to further outline the space and a matching couch and chair set leave the room feeling cohesive. Attach curtains to the canopy for additional shade and privacy. Planters on either side of the canopy's entrance and stepping-stones leading to the structure help the space feel a bit more grand and permanent.

2. Seeking Shade

To beat the heat, find a sturdy outdoor umbrella that will cool down a sun-drenched patio or any outdoor space. With a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, finding the perfect umbrella is easy. Here, a turquoise umbrella ties in with the multicolor throw pillows that adorn an outdoor sofa.

3. Separating Spaces

To visually separate one large space, a fire pit area is inset into the ground and outlined with a small stone wall. A few steps away is a small, contemporary dining table where everyone can gather for a meal. Landscaping, such as a line of hedges, also helps to break up the space and add visual interest.

5. Eclectic Charm

Ornate and eclectic furniture gives this patio a calm, relaxed vibe. Bright colors and patterns help to bring life and vibrancy to the space. Pale yellow, red, and blue form a primary color palette that isn’t too overbearing when paired with weathered furniture.

6. Easy Breezy Dining

An outdoor dining room is an ideal setting for a summertime meal, where food and nature come together. Drapes can provide extra shade when the sun’s rays become too much and give the porch a softer feel. A sculptural chandelier makes this scene feel a bit more formal while cream-color chair cushions add an element of comfort to metal chairs.

7. Hang Time
Hammocks aren’t just for lounging between trees, they can also find a place right next to your house. Hang a hammock on your porch to make a fun spot for anyone to relax in. Make sure to take safety precautions when hanging a hammock from the roof of a porch and consult a professional if necessary.

8. One with Nature

This porch has sliding windows that keep nature's elements out or invite them in. Natural materials like pebbles behind the television, stone on the floor and hearth, and wooden side tables give the outdoor room an organic look that echoes the outdoors.

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