Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Small-space Patio Landscape Ideas

Go Vertical
Make space-challenged gardens look larger than they actually are by adding a trellis or arbor. These structures will help draw the eye upward to the horizon creating the illusion of more space. In this tiny hideaway, climbing white roses scramble over a rustic arbor to add color and fragrance.

Start from the Ground Up
Add style to small spaces by mixing complementary paving materials together. In this tiny backyard, irregular shape bluestone slabs are highlighted with pockets of polished blue-gray river rock. Besides adding color and style, the stones also create a sense of space that wouldn't be possible if it was a solid bluestone patio.

Add Color
Bolder is sometimes better when it comes to small landscapes. For example, this tiny entry garden became much more impressive after the owners painted a once-drab wall an eye-popping canary-yellow. They also added a green lattice door that gives visitors a peek at the garden beyond.

Grow Some Privacy
Keep privacy in mind as you design your small space. No one wants to have the neighbors (even if they are greta people) looking over their shoulder when they relax outdoors. That's why a fence or screen to shield the view is essential. But don't just put up a fence and leave it at that. Grow something over the structure to add color and dimension. Here, English ivy trained in a diamond espalier pattern turn a plain screen into a piece of living art.

Divide and Conquer
The trick to gardening in a small yard is to break up the available space into a series of mini beds rather than trying to squeeze in one large border. In this garden, brick pathways are used to create a series of little perennial borders around each of the brick pillars. The smaller beds also allow easier access for weeding and planting activities.

Create a Destination
When you plan your garden, be sure to add a focal point that also serves as a place to stop and admire your garden. It can be as simple as a comfy chair tucked into a private nook or as elaborate as this arbor and bench combination. Choose plants that are as fragrant as they colorful so you can enjoy them close up.

Consider Side Yards
If backyard space is limited, give your side yard a makeover. Often neglected, side yards offer tons of potential for outdoor living. Here, for example, a once barren piece of ground was transformed into outdoor living space by using concrete pavers to create a lovely garden path. Then, a mixed planting of perennials and trees were added and mulched with black Japanese river rock.

Just Add Water
Even the smallest landscape will be improved by the mellow sound of trickling water. If you don't have enough space for a water garden. add a fountain or two in key locations in the yard. Be sure to have an electrical outlet nearby to plug in the fountain. In this slice of a brick courtyard, an ornamental wall-mounted fountain acts as a sparkling focal point. 

This post was adapted from www.bhg.com


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