Friday, January 9, 2015

Fresh Air Rooms

Breezy Living Room

Make your  a cozy spot to relax by mimicking an indoor living room. Arrange furniture around a table for a place to set drinks and food. Use accent pillows to add a touch of color. A metal screen creates a faux wall that separates the patio from yard next door.

Sleek Setup

A brick patio is the perfect spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an evening meal. A simple wrought iron table and set of chairs are functional and don't distract from the yard's beauty.

Blended Space

Create the smooth transition form the indoors to the outdoors with repeating elements. French doors are an ideal choice to connect that two spaces. Both spaces are visible when the doors are open are closed. The inside and outside furnishings are of a similar style, and the colors of the accent pillows and seat cushions are the same in both rooms. Adding a roof, chandelier, and side tables to the alfresco space completes the feel of a traditional indoor room.

Good Accents

Accents are important in any room, and this patio makes the most of them. An area rug adds color and underfoot comfort to the stone patio. Outdoor grade table laps create and intimate feel and extend the use of the space into the night. 

Raise the Roof

Adding a roof to an outdoor space increases its potential for use. A windowpane roof protects these homeowners from the elements without distracting from the view. The lack of supporting walls allows a breeze to flow through the room as the homeowners enjoy meals in the outdoor dining space. Rather than having a bare table, add a tablecloth and throw pillows to add a soft touch to the space.

A Formal Arrangement

A missing wall and an abundance of foliage separate this room from the other rooms of the house. The mantle's decor, chandelier, and settees mimic the arrangement of a  formal living room. Natural elements in place of traditional accents, such as vines as window treatments, connect the room to the outdoors.

Temperature Control

Make a fresh air room more comfortable by controlling the temperature. During the day, a fan hung overhead keeps insects at bay and air from being stagnant.

High-Tech Arrangement

Add all comforts of the indoors to your outdoor room. This patio has a fireplace and television. Ditch the battery-operated radio for more sophisticated electronics, such as an all-weather LCD television and wireless outdoor speakers. Choose an entertainment system that's constructed of waterproof materials and built to withstand everything from insects to extreme heat.

Patio Transformation

A little ingenuity and a good plan turned this hot concrete patio into an inviting outdoor dining room. A large, colorful floorcloth covers the bland concrete; bright white planters, the sides topped with trellises, surround the space. Overhead, an abor draped with white canvas blocks the heat of the midday sun but still lets in planty of light.

Lovely Lattice

This contemplative sanctuary space uses lattice to complement the Asian-inspired design. The rich tones highlight the room's focal point -- an intriguing stone carving set in the lattice wall -- and lend warmth to the space. The latticework also melds well with the lush and abundant foliage.

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