Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why You Don't Know The Best Thing About Cameron Diaz's Body

Forget the famously long legs, sculpted arms and insane abs; you don't know the first thing about what makes Cameron Diaz's body so special. That would be everyday cellular processes, mind-blowing adaptability, and the incredible wells of strength deep within. At least as far as the actress is concerned. On the heels of her recent tome, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, The Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Bodywe asked the New York Times best-selling author what she's learned about her own physicality and how it's forever changed the way she sees herself.
On the moment that fitness changed her life...
"The day I started martial arts training for Charlie's Angels was a pivotal moment in my life in terms of my physical fitness. It was the first time someone showed me what my very own body had the potential to do. Before then, I had no concept of the extent to which my body could be trained to be that strong and capable. Our kung fu master, who, let's be honest, was teaching us "movie fu," introduced me, Lucy [Liu] and Drew [Barrymore] to our new best friend; pain. Eventually, the pain of 8 hours a day of training subsided and allowed us to execute intricately choreographed fight heels."
On achieving mind-body balance...
"[During Charlie's Angels] I felt like my mind and body were in cahoots, for the first time in my life, to allow me to keep up with such a demanding pace. I felt like they would lift each other up; if one was lacking that day, the other would step up and take the lead! I got into an incredible rhythm."
On doubting all that she was physically capable of...
"It wasn't so much doubt but ignorance about my body's capabilities. Once my body and I were in partnership on that journey, it became fun and empowering to find that I could sustain each challenge I was given. Each time I kicked higher, I said thank you. And it's something you can never un-know, which is amazing. It's actually true...knowledge IS power. Actual, physical, beautiful POWER!"
On discovering her potential...
"My body continues to impress and amaze me with what it can learn and retain. While I was researching The Body Book with my writing partner, the incredible Sandra Bark, every time I would speak to a new expert, or really break down another function the body performs—from digestion to nutrient absorption—I would say to anyone who would listen, 'can you believe this is all happening right now, on a cellular level, in every one of us?' It's simply miraculous."
On what's next for her body...
"My main physical goal is to remain strong throughout my entire life. It is especially important for women to do some kind of weight training to maintain bone integrity. I also make sure that I consistently engage in cardio to keep my blood oxygenated and my heart in good shape to literally carry me through the world. I hope I never want to stop learning new ways to nourish all my body's needs, like feeding it more lean proteins after a muscle tearing workout, and eating the right whole grains to give it the complex carbohydrates throughout the day to sustain energy. I know that in taking care of my body, it will allow me to do all the things I want to do!"
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