Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Swaps for a Better Burn

Everybody wants to know how they can get a high-revving metabolism. But even before you jump on a treadmill to crush calories and deplete your visceral fat, there are simple nutrition tricks you can use to get your flab-torched fast. Check out these 5 simple food swaps to speed up your metabolism—and the workout style you need to ignite your fuel-burning furnace.

Drink tap or mineral water, not purified water. In a Swiss study, purified water didn't boost men's metabolic activity, but water that contained minerals did.

Use olive oil, not flaxseed oil. Both are sources of omega-3s, but olive oil triggers a larger postmeal burn than flaxseed oil does, according to a Canadian study.

Whey protein is better than casein protein. A Swiss study found that it has a larger thermic effect than casein protein has, meaning it requires more calories to digest. (You can get your own whey protein at

Oolong tea trumps green tea. Both can elevate your energy expenditure, but oolong tea's jolt is more than twice that of green tea, a study from Japan found.

Eat cheddar on whole grain bread, not processed American on white. Whole foods can boost your post meal burn by 87 percent, Pomona College reports.

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