Monday, August 5, 2013

Burn Calories Without Working Out

Between your dinner and getting to work the next day is a secret span of calorie-burning time.

1. Cooking dinner.
Calories burned: 103kcal (40min)
All that standing up and jostling with the pots and pans mean more than 100 calories torched — and it sure beats sitting around waiting for the fast food delivery guy to arrive.

2. Washing the dishes.
Calories burned: 89kcal (30min)
You cook, you eat, you wash: Rules of the kitchen that keep you on your feet more than if you’ve packed a packet of char kway teow from the hawker stall.

3. Doing the laundry.
Calories burned: 103kcal (40min)
Sorting colours from whites and hanging the wash to dry is as good as doing push-ups for 10 minutes.

4. Ironing clothes.
Calories burned: 118kcal (40min)
No one enjoys ironing. But if it needs to be done, you’ll be pleased to know it means something for your metabolism.

5. Reading in bed.
Calories burned: 100kcal (60min)
There’s more to lose before you snooze. End your day by reading your favourite magazine (hint: you’re holding it) before you switch off the lights.

6. Walking to the office.
Calories burned: 127kcal (30min)
Take a leisurely stroll to your office from about three bus stops away. Bonus: You can even skip the coffee and let the morning sun perk you up.

7. Taking the stairs.
Calories burned: 116kcal (10min)
Once you get to your office, you’ll be on your butt all day. So give yourself one last push by climbing up the stairs instead of taking the lift.

8. Standing up during a meeting.
Calories burned: 154kcal (60min)
Try conducting a meeting standing up. Not only will you start burning off the lunch you’re going to eat in three hours, you might also cut short an unnecessarily long meeting.

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