Monday, June 24, 2013

Buying and Storing Tips for Outdoor Furniture

Whether you're in the market for new outdoor furniture or you're just seeking some cleaning and storing advice on existing pieces, here are some helpful tips.
Wood, metal, wicker, vinyl--the choice of styles and materials for outdoor furnishings seems endless. Concerning recent trends, Bew White, owner of Summer Classics in Pelham, Alabama, states, "Ornamentation is in, particularly with cast-aluminum furniture, because ornate designs can easily be achieved from mold casting. Also, furniture imports have brought prices down while maintaining a surprising level of quality." To shed more light on the subject, the chart on the following page lists the pros and cons of the most popular types.
Once you purchase outdoor furniture, follow these suggestions for maintaining it.
·  For aluminum furniture, a silicone spray or a coat of car wax will protect the surfaces from pitting and corrosion.
·Most plastic furniture can be washed with a solution of mild detergent (such as hand soap) and water. Because plastics scratch easily, never use scouring powders or other abrasives.
· Treat wrought iron furniture with a silicone spray, particularly underside surfaces. This precaution will act as a barrier against water and help prevent rust.

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Outdoor Furniture said...

These tips really works. But how about cleaning a Resin Furniture? Does any of this method applies?

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