Monday, April 1, 2013

Download the LFconnect App for Iphone & Android

We all know there is no shortage of fitness apps on the market, but very few successfully combine indoor and outdoor workout tracking.

Today, we are happy to announce that the new Life Fitness LFconnect App, for both iOS and Android, does that.

The app allows you to create custom workouts, set fitness goal and customize machine settings so that personalized options can be instantly accessed at the gym.
Workout tracked with the LFconnect app will be automatically synced to, allowing you to monitor your progress over time. 

The app is FREE and EASY to use, but has a ton of great features including:

Real-time results tracking and weekly calorie burn goals.

GPS-enabled outdoor workout tracking and manual entry for strength workouts.

Results dashboard that combines on-product, outdoor and manually entered workouts:

Before Life Fitness created the Android-compatible Discover tablet console, there was no cardio equipment that catered to users of the 500 million Android devices activated around the world. Today, we are the only fitness equipment manufacturer on the market that offers solutions for this powerful group of exercisers.

Are you a Virtual Trainer app user? Don't worry, the app you have will continue to work with our equipment, but it will no longer receive software updates. You can switch over to the LFconnect app without losing any of your workouts or tracking history.

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