Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Babe its Bali Trip 7-10 June 2012

As a company that advocates a positive lifestyle as its mission. F1 Recreation has been practicing a culture where they will organized an annual retreat for its staff as a form of recognition on their hard work, loyalty and determination towards the company.

On the 7th – 10th of June 2012, the entire F1 Recreation establishment went and set foot to the island of Bali. With the beautiful sand of the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and the colourful culture of the Balinese natives, we serenade all of our mind, body and soul as we experienced the peace of the waves hitting the shore and the chaotic madness of the Bali traffic.

With a jam-pack itinerary, all of the “F1 Recreationers” were SUPER exhausted when the entire trip reached to an end. But after all the white water rafting, Tribal Challenge, shopping and more shopping all that is waiting now, is THE NEXT YEAR’s TRIP!

Click here and check out the pictures.


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