Monday, October 31, 2011

Should Women Run? -Part 1

The truth is, running delivers outstanding benefits, from reduced incidence of smoking, to improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, and even uplifted emotions. In the end, it is difficult to argue that women have physical characteristics that make them more susceptible to running injuries.

The real issue resides in one’s physical readiness to run. As the web commentator suggested, if a woman is running without incident, then there is no reason to stop her from continuing. Likewise, there is no reason to discourage a woman from entering a running program, provided that the stresses are commensurate with her level of readiness. Reason would dictate that if one is deconditioned, possesses physical abnormalities, such as exceedingly high Q-angles or some other form of dysfunction, that we would take an extremely cautious approach to weight bearing exercise. Otherwise, effective planning and management of frequency, duration, and intensity will improve fitness while limiting the potential for overuse.

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