Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cardio Equipped for Everyday and Beyond

Count on Integrity Series

Heavy Duty
Used round-the clock on military installations in harsh climates around the world.

Pros Know
Proffesionals, collegians and Olympians alike improve their cardiovascular capacity with Integrity TM Series.

Everyday Atheletes
People training for their first 5K or an annual three-day walk rely on this Life Fitness Equipment.

Enhanced Entertainment Options

Power Up
Connect your iPod to charge it while working out- both the exerciser and the devise finish a workout energized.

In Control
Exercisers can skip songs, and just volume and change channels right on the console.

Video your Way
Catch up on your favourite TV shows and movies by playing video through your iPod on the optional attachable TV.


Cohensive Styling For Attractive Facilities

Variety Spoken Here
Exercisers appreciate having more choices in a facility and these machines provide the most sought-after options.

Welcome Familiarity
The refreshed console is a similar for all products- if an exerciser has used one machine the others will be intuitive, increasing opportunities for their success

Keep it Fresh
Summit Trainers and Stairclimbers now share aesthetics with Bike, Treadmills and Cross-Trainers

Evaluating Durabilty And Comfort

Exclusive Features
Our patented FlexDeck TM Shock Absorption System reduces stress on joints by up to 30%.

High Standards
In an average lifespan, a treadmill will take approximately 128,000,000 footfalls- during testing we pack all of them into a shortened time frame.

Real-World Results
After lab tests, we place products in facilities for field evaluation to help us make any necessary refinements.

Continuing The Tradition

User-Driven Design
We're inspired by art and architecture, but insist that products feel good to people.

Clean Lines
Good looks, quality and an appeal that is distinctly Life Fitness.

Familiar Yet Fresh
The shapes are sculpted to be both iconic and welcoming.

Self-Powered Options
Save energy and increase placement options with an array of self-powered machines.

For more information on the Integrity Series, Please call +65 6846 7666
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For more information on the latest Life Fitness equipment, click here.


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