Friday, October 22, 2010

Successful Weight Loss With Vibration Training

Vibration exercise machines have now become one of the popular and highest demanding exercising device. The machine works on the basis of vibration therapy that can accelerate weight loss more effectively and more importantly, you can tone your body weight by burning 174 calories in just 5 minutes.

Basically, vibration machine involves proper weight loss management plan called as vibration training to improve your general health along with many other health benefits. You can install exercise vibrating machine at your own home with all the comforts. Apart from this, you can also try it at a gym or at any health organizations.

For flexibility and balance body weight, you should have strong muscles. Using exercise vibrating machine, your muscles can contract up to the frequency of 30-50 Hz per second. This clearly means that vibration training can contract the body muscles faster than ordinary heavy pull up exercises and hence develop balance, coordination and a perfect shape when standing, walking, and exercising. Vibration training keeps a track on proper blood circulation and involuntary muscle contractions. And proper circulation inside the body can improve lymphatic flow, decrease blood pressure, increase blood oxygenation; decrease cellulite content and can boost energy levels to the highest peak.

And within just a few minutes you could move back for a while and this can increase flexibility and range of motion to improve mobility. Vibration exercises also involves balanced secretion of human growth hormone to promote the development, repair and regeneration of bones, increases muscle mass, boosts the immune system and promotes the breakdown of fat cells. Performing exercises at an optimum rate will obviously have a positive and boosting effect on all the voluntary and involuntary processes as well as improving the emission of hormones including testosterone, serotonin (known as feel-good hormone) and IGF-1 along with the reduction of Cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Accurate rhythmic movement of the vibration plate can also mobilize your spine and can clear accumulated fluids, reducing inflammation and allowing fresh oxygenated blood to enter inside the whole body cells.

Following are some of the common positive results that you can notice after few weeks:

1. Proper fat burning
2. Weight loss in an effective way
3. Flexibility
4. Improved skin appearance
5. Maintained blood circulation
6. Increased Bone density
7. Improved muscle strength
8. Enhanced blood circulation
9. Accelerated body metabolism

This has been estimated that an ordinary exercise engages around 45% of muscle fibers where as vibration muscle contractions engage approximately 96% of muscle fibers and hence can increase the fitness potential both externally and internally at the highest level.

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When you use a whole body vibration machine, it produces vertical vibrations from side to side, that is alternating rocking movement that emulates walking. The equipment supposedly improves body flexibility and strength, reduces pain and stress, builds muscle, and reverses osteoporosis. Thanks a lot.
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