Tuesday, June 8, 2010

'Must-Have' Fitness Equipment

Think that buying exercise equipment for your home or office is too time-consuming, complicated and will break the bank? Think again.

You can build an effective home gym for about the cost of a few monthly gym membership dues payments. You'll be able to store most of your equipment in a closet or under your bed and it all can be purchased at any sporting goods store or ordered online. You need only a few items to start:

1. Dumbbells. One of the most versatile exercise tools. Dumbbells can aid in the development of strength, power, and aerobic conditioning. If you are starting out, pick three sets in weights that you consider light, medium and heavy. As your strength grows, so will your dumbbell collection.

2. Resistance Bands, or Tubing. As multi-functional as dumbbells, resistance bands are large rubber band-like tubing made in a variety of shapes and resistances. Tubing is one of the most inexpensive pieces of equipment you'll ever buy. Better yet, the bands take up very little room in a carry-on bag or briefcase so you'll never have to miss a workout even when away from home.

3. Floor Mat. Get one big enough to lie on and thick enough to be comfortable, but make sure it can be folded or rolled up for storage purposes.

4. Adjustable Step Platform. The Step is a raised platform introduced by Reebok in the 80’s for aerobic classes . In the home, it can be used as a platform on which to exercise and as a substitute for a larger bench. The raised platform offers a number or exercise options and can be used for strength, aerobic, and plyometric training.

5. Stability Ball. A stability ball or “Swiss Ball” is a large, durable plastic ball originally used in physical rehabilitation settings. In the exercise setting, it has been used for core strength, and balance training. It can also be used with free weights for a variety of exercises. Before ordering, be sure you have an airpump. If not, you can usually order one along with the ball.

6. Heart Rate Monitor. For truly effective cardiovascular training, nothing beats constant feedback with your own heart rate monitor. Models are available which offer a simple readout of your heart rate to more expensive models for the gadget-lover which provide a counter of calories burned, VO2 max, and allow storage of workout results along with PC interfacing.

7. Jump Rope. Simple to store and will add variety to your cardiovascular exercise. Make sure to size it before you purchase: each end of the jump rope should reach from underarm to underarm if you are standing on the middle of the rope with your feet together.

Exercise equipment need not be costly, only effective. Multi-functionality is the key when ordering equipment to use in your home or office. Start with the items above to stock your own personal gym and obtain great, convenient workouts for a modest investment.

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-This article was adapted from http://www.fitfaq.com/-

**Fitlion is a subsidiary company of F1 Recreation Pte Ltd.

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